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, when you see our flag, when you touch our soil, you will be home in an america that is forever here for you just as you have been there tore us. that is my promise, our nation's promise to you. >> later, president obama paid the first ever presidential visit to arlington cemetery section 60. that's the newly opened section reserved for veterans of the nation's current dual wars. of course, veterans day took on a different meaning today at ft. hood in texas. a strange day after the shooting that left 13 people dead. it's where we begin tonight with our own mark potter. mark, good evening. >> reporter: and good evening, brian. as sad as this community is, given what happened here, the mood today was much more upbeat as residents celebrated their veterans and current members of the military. >> thank you, guys. thank you. >> reporter: in killeen, texas, the town that supports ft. hood, veterans day is always an important celebration. but this year, because of the tragedy close by, is different. >> i feel like basically we just kind of had another attack, and every time -- even though w
think it's important that we clear up the confusion that's probably out across america. women are at kitchen tables trying to figure out now what is their next step. i think the next step is what they've always done, which is certainly take a look at the guideline recommendations but then have a conversation with your physician because the individual case history, the individual family history, what your body type is, what your background is is the best indicator of how often you should have this very important screening technique, a mammogram, and how frequently it should be done. >> are you telling women to ignore the recommendations of this panel? >> i'm telling women to take a look at the recommendations of the panel, which are, you know, looking globally at tens of thousands of cases, but then take that information and have a conversation with your doctor. >> are you saying that women should still consider having mammograms beginning at age 40? >> absolutely. >> some people are saying that your response to the panel's recommendations are essentially throwing this panel un
to represent his family, his church, and the state of utah, and the united states of america. >> reporter: a senior fbi official tells nbc news that a search of nidal malik hasan's e-mails, computers, and phone records has turned up nothing that would change the original assessment that he acted alone. investigators also found no notes or videos left behind by hasan. as the investigation into the shooting continues, a question has been raised about whether some of the victims were hit by friendly fire, given the number of wounds and shots reported. >> it's difficult for me to conceive of one man, an inexpert man, wielding two pistols, changing magazines to fire 100 shots with nothing further happening. >> reporter: the military though denies the friendly fire allegations. amid concerns that muslim-americans might now face a backlash as seen on this sign outside ft. hood, president obama in his internet address spoke about the value of diversity in the military. >> there are christians and muslims, jews and hindus, and nonbelievers thp they a er nonbelievers. they reflect the disveversity
be america's perfect bell weather because that's exactly the same job rating we go in the nbc news/"the wall street journal" poll. brian/. >> and, chuck, you and i were talking earlier it's going to be hard to excite the people to go to the polls, unlike a year back. >> we're seeing a lack of energy. young voters, african-americans, hispanics. they surged in support of president obama. we're not seeing a lot of evidence of that same surge in either state, but in particular virginia, and that is a little bit of a warning sign probably to the democratic party. >> all right, chuck todd, we'll watch it all night. thanks for being with us. >>> we turn now to the swine flu pandemic across this country. so much of the focus, ours and others, has been on young people falling ill with good reason. that is the age group most at risk. but there is a serious danger for older folks as well. we have more on that tonight from our chief science correspondent robert bazell. >> reporter: arizona officials announced that gail stapleton, a 51-year-old high schoolteacher, died from swine flu. her death is a remi
>>> coming to america, from gitmo to the heartland, is this e new home for captured terrorists? >>> plus new outrage over the 9/11 trial in new york. >>> banking on china. president obama's first visit. tonight a new dynamic with the biggest holder of america debt. >>> page by page. sarah palin's new book and questions about what really happened behind the scenes on the campaign trail. >>> and something to croon about. he left his heart in san francisco, but tony bennett is making a difference back in the old nehborhood, in queens. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we have learned tonight a u.s. government task force is shopping for potential locations here in the united states to house terror suspects from guantanamo bay. illinois officials said today a prison there is among those being considered to house detainees once gitmo is closed, likely sometime next year. all this comes just days after the obama administration announced it would try 9/11 suspects at a federal court here in new york. and that decision sparked a new round of outrage today,
interrogation. as of now, investigators have no motive for the shootings. ft. hood is america's largest combat military base. thousands of soldiers here have multiple deployments to iraq and afghanistan. some of today's victims may have been preparing to deploy again. >> i'm horrified just like everyone is, and immediately you think of the soldiers who are wounded and dead, their families already under stress because they were processing to deploy. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell nbc news that the suspect nadal malik hasan was a doctor who specialized in mental health disorders and treating combat stress. and he himself may have been preparing to deploy. brian? >> jim miklaszewski starting us off at the pentagon tonight. jim, thanks. >>> and reporter jade mingus of our waco affiliate kcen tv, you saw her briefly in the setup piece, was one of the first reporters on the scene. she's with us from ft. hood. jade, we watched your work live all afternoon. at one point sirens were going on over you. there were reports of gunfire on another corner of the base and reports of 500 armed u.s. troops com
this economy. >>> not so fast. a big, bad glitch in america's air traffic system make it's a bad day for a lot of travelers. >>> mixed messages. trying to make sense of these new recommendations on mammograms and breast exams for women under 50. >>> out of control. the news tonight about the obesity epidemic and where it's hitting hardest. >>> and our planet in a very remote place. what the ice can tell us about where we'll all headed. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. tonight all of the anger across this country about the economy and how it's been handled seemed to double up and boil over today in two different places -- on the streets of southern california and in a hearing room in washington. the targets of the anger were very different, but the pent-up emotion was the same. we begin tonight with a grilling for the administration top money man. our own kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill tonight. kelly, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. tension and impatience over the state of the question turned what could have been a dr
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workers. but with china now america's number one creditor, lending hundreds of billions to fund u.s. stimulus efforts, the president acknowledged the obvious. the two countries need each other. >> so many of the world's challenges cannot be solved unless the united states and china work together. >> reporter: and it's not just the economy. the president also needs china to put the pressure on iran and north korea to contain those countries' nuclear ambitions. on sunday the president will get a warm welcome, done some sightseeing, tooing visiting beijing's famous forbidden city. brian? >> our own savannah guthrie traveling with the president halfway around the world. savannah, thanks. >>> and back in this country, there is controversy over an obama administration plan to relocate military detainees from gitmo, guantanamo bay prison in cuba. one of the spots under consideration is in the small town of thomson in western illinois. the president's home state. local folks are all for the economic boost but some say the prisoners would be a security threat. our report from nbc's kevin t
weekend for america's the first hard numbers on a make or break weekend for america's retailers. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. what began as an early morning car crash involving the world's richest athlete is making headlines beyond the sports globe. tiger woods was hospitalized after smashing his suv into a tree declined to meet for investigators for a second time today raising new questions about what happened and how his wife, elin, may have been involved. nbc's cristen dahlgren is here the woods' home in windermere, gra. >> reporter: there's a village of media outside tiger woods gated community. this was a day authorities thought they would get to speak to woods and his wife. yesterday they were told he was sleeping and wasn't able to talk, and today another brush off. tiger woods' wife elin drove into their gated community this morning with a stare but no comment for the army of reporters about the crash that injured her husband early friday morning. these are some of the first images from a local television station of woods' manage ammed cadillac s
manufacturers of america insisted bpa packaging is safe, and, quote, there is no need for consumers to change their purchasing or consumption patterns. officially, the fda agrees. under the bush administration, the fda ruled the bpas in packaging are safe. now under pressure, the obama fda is reviewing the science and promises a decision by the end of the month. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >>> news on the economy tonight. auto sales for the month of october brought good news for two of this nation's big three automakers. gm sales were up 4.7% from 2008. the company's first year over year gain in 21 months. ford's sales were also up over 3%. but chrysler continued to struggle, down 30% from the year before. >>> and warren buffett's company, berkshire hathaway, agreed today to buy the burlington northern railroad. berkshire already owned almost a quarter of the company. now it will own all of it for $26 billion in cash and stock. it's the biggest deal berkshire has ever made. buffett called it, quote, an all-in wager on the economic future of the united states. >>> on wall street here i
t snacks a day. >> reporter: vass is the new face of hunger in middle-class america. she owns a home in a connecticut suburb that looks like a norman rockwell painting. now about five days a week she eats at a soup kitchen, where there are so many others like her. >> how often do you come here? >> every day. this is the first time i've ever been down like this in life. >> this area is where we will distribute the food. >> reporter: food pantries like this one in new york city have never seen such demand. >> we'll have about 500 or 600 families that use this space. >> 500 or 600 today? >> just today. >> hunger in america is really kind of dirty little secret. >> reporter: vicki izquera heads feeding america, a major hunger relief organization. she showed us around a 90,000-square-foot warehouse storing food for distribution in new york, a fraction of the charity's nationwide effort. >> this crisis that we're dealing with involving 49 million people is likely to take a couple of years to begin seeing recovery. >> i don't know how long -- how much longer i can handle it. there's all the
moore starts us off with the latest from capitol hill. >> god bless america. >> reporter: in cities across the country, more protest about health care reform. a rare saturday session leading up to a critical vote. not on an actual bill, but to go ahead and debate the bill. >> why would anyone be afraid in the greatest society in the world to debate health care? what are they afraid of? >> reporter: democrats had not one vote to spare. she will not stand for a bill with a public option. >> i am opposed to a new government administered health care plan. >> reporter: republicans are opposed to the cost and the size. >> this big thing, this monstrosity -- >> we just need one. not many. just one democrat who will come here and say i am pro-life. if we don't stand together tonight, this bill will ratically expand abortion and i can't live with that. >> reporter: the obama administration said it urges quick action on the landmark bill prodding the senate to keep on moving with the holidays around the corner. democrats want to start the debate after the thanksgiving break. the president is
of america's most prominent catholic families. >>> on the brink of extinction. an effort to save some of the planet's most endangered creatures. >>> and over the moon -- an astronaut in orbit celebrates >>> and over the moon -- an astronaut in orbit celebrates one small step back home. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. few things illustrate just how hard a road it has been for democrats trying to pass sweeping health care reform legislation than what happened on the floor of the u.s. senate last night. it was a celebration over nothing more than a procedural vote that allows the bill to be debated. even at that it took everything democratic leaders had to get enough of their own senators to go along. with republicans unified against the bill and some democrats unhappy as well the battle lines over health care reform are being redrawn tonight. and watching it all for us from the white house, hi, mike. >> reporter: let the debate begin. last night the president and democrats cleared their highest hurdle yet in this fight. significant differences remain amon
with the everyone porer of jap and in the trip's major speech calling himself america's first pacific president. >> i know that the united states has been disengaged from many of these organizations in recent years, so let me be clear, those days have passed. >> reporter: the united states and asia are ireasingly interdependent. the u.s. has borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars from china and japan. in turn, their economies are reliant on the big consumer appetite of americans and china in particular, where the president will travel tomorrow, is key on security issues like iran and north korea. >> asia as a region is more important to the united states from a trade and security perspective than perhaps any other region of the world. >> reporter: but as the president travels the region this week, his agenda is partly overshadowed by the looming decision on afghanistan. allies are anxious to know what the administration's strategy will be. aides say additional national security meetings are a possibility upon the president's return, but mr. obama promises a decision soon. >> i recognize that
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. >> hunger in america is really kind of dirty little secret. >> reporter: vicki izquera heads feeding america, a major hunger relief organization. she showed us around a 90,000-square-foot warehouse storing food for distribution in new york, a fraction of the charity's nationwide effort. >> this crisis we're dealing with involving 49 million people is likely to take a couple years to begin seeing recovery. >> i don't know how long -- how much longer i can handle it. there's all these people that can't even buy just a box of cereal for their kids. >> reporter: and that's a frustration shared by a growing number of americans hungry for economic relief. mara schiavocampo, nbc news, branford, connecticut. >> and if you'd like to help families who don't have enough to eat in your area, you can find a list of food pantries and other organizations nationwide. there's one near you, and there's need near you. it's all on our website, >>> you know those familiar salvation army kettles we see on sidewalks this time of year? one of them has hit the mother lode. in the bottom of the ket
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quarter and turning a profit in north america for the first time in four years. >> it's not only a nice profit, it's -- they generated cash, and they sold very well in the quarter, and they made money off what they sold. so that's -- that's a very good sign. >> how did ford do it? last quarter it cut costs by a billion dollars, operating more efficient plants, losing almost 5,000 jobs, while boosting revenue in the u.s. by $1.9 billion thanks to popular new models. cash for clunkers also helped. but ford's ceo says his company would have been profitable even without the clunkers program. >> we have been increasing our share in this down market every month for the last ten months, and actually increased our production. so we're on a preddy steady trajectory of growth now. >> reporter: ironically, being profitable could come as a cost, as ford negotiated a new contract with the united auto workers. today 70% of the union's rank and file rejected ford's later offer, which would also ban the uaw from striking over wages when the current contract expires, a concession many workers don't want
, the bodies of those who were killed here are making the same solemn journey tonight that america's war dead do. they are being flown, brian, to dover air force base in delaware to a military mortuary, where they will eventually be turned over to their families. >> lester holt starting us off tonight from the main gate there at ft. hood in texas. lester, thanks. >>> and we are learning more tonight about the suspect, major hasan, his personality and his past. our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski has more on that angle tonight. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. as we looked into nidal hasan's past, army officials agree that there were many warning signs that military commanders should have recognized as a potential threat. an american citizen, nidal hasan was born and raised in virginia, the son of palestinian immigrants. today at his grandmother's home in the west bank his cousin mohammed watched news reports of yesterday's attack. in an exclusive interview he told nbc news hasan claimed he had been constantly claimed by his fellow soldiers. >> translator: recently
's, america's largest cereal maker, has had a change of heart. it's decided to stop making claims on boxes of rice krispies and coco crispies that the cereal can help boost immune systems. critics and many parents say kellogg's was playing on fears of swine flu. >>> there are reports tonight the earth may have one day a new ocean. a team of scientists have taken a close look at a 35-mile-long crack in the ethiopian desert, and that's what they've concluded, or predicted. the crack opened a little less than five years ago, is now 20 feet wide in some spots. >>> if you know anyone who has reported missing baggage after traveling into or out of the phoenix airport lately tonight, there is a possible explanation. police responding to reports of suspicious activity at a baggage carousel questioned a couple, searched their home, and found suitcases everywhere. as many as 1,000 suitcases in all. neighbors said the couple had a couple yard sales that raised some suspicions. they wondered where all the stuff was coming from. the couple's been charged with theft. >>> we'll take a break here. when we
's as serious as the presidency gets, sending america's treasure to a battlefield overseas. they have all volunteers for duty. now they are part of a growing u.s. military commitment in afghanistan, and it's just one issue this white house is dealing with. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd starting us off on this tonight. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. while the president's own chief of staff calls this an historic week in what's already an historic year. the president are going to tackle two issues that have undone previous presidencies, war and the economy. and it begins tomorrow night at westport when the president unveiled his plan for the war in mraen. the preds's decision more than doubles the number of troops in afghanistan when he took office ten months aago. at an efl office meet late sunday afternoon, the president officially gave military orders to top military commanders to send another 32,000 troops to afghanistan. that brings the total to more than 100,000 troops. when he took office, there were fewer than 40,000. >> nobody should underes
avenue is known as the magnificent mile, one of the biggest shopping streets in america and after a year of recession and stingy consumer spending, this holiday shopping season is more important than every to retailers' bottom lines what we're going do today is pretty much simulate what black friday is going to look like. >> at a best buy in downtown chicago -- >> this day is is especially important. >> a rehearsal for black friday and what retailers hope will be a big crowd of eagler bargain hunters. >> starting 5:00 a.m. friday. >> starls at 4:00 a.m. >> doors open at 3:00 a.m., don't miss it. >> reporter: economists say the recession may be over but consumers are still worried. i'm looking for something to keep up with the times but be easy on my wallet. >> unless it's a really good deal, i'm not going to do it. >> reporter: americans said they expect to spend $390 on gifts thus holiday season, that's down from $418 last year just as the economy was collapsing. another report shows the average outstanding credit card balance dropped $100 in just three months to a little over $5600, a
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. "football night in america" is coming up followed by "sunday night football," the cowboys versus the eagles tonight. brian williams will be here tonight. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. from all of us here at nbc news, new york. from all of us here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac --
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, you're showing your independence, and this is what america needs to see and it was a good interview. and i'm thinking, if you thought this was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was. because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: but in the book obtained by the associated press, palin describeds the interview as badgering and biased. at the same time she writes tat campaign kept her bottled up from reporters. written at break neck speed with a collaborator and already number one on amazon even before its release. palin titles her book "going rogue," don'ting the mccain's wrap on her. for instance, they called her a diva for wanting to deliver her own concession speech. mccain vetoed that. >> okay, listen up, everybody, i'm going rogue right now. so keep your voices down. available now, we got a bunch of these t-shirts. >> reporter: now it's payback time, and payoff time for palin. she writes that she wondered at the time who was paying for those fancy clothes? but family members were told it's part of the convention, that the mccain campaign initially tried
is like many areas across america. the good news is we've got the jobs coming back right now and they're real and they're here. >> they bring the shoe back every now and then. >> reporter: it's a big reason why gus darden is seeing a surge in sales. >> i think my business has been up 11 or 12 consecutive months. mostly double-digit increases. >> reporter: down the street this coffee shop is preparing for its grand opening. the owner says she wants to capitalize on the confidence kia's bringing to the town. >> we feel like west point right now is the point. and it's a place where it's flourishing. >> reporter: it's also a place with two new korean barbecue spots. what you won't find here is any objection to a foreign company setting up shop in this southern city. >> we're georgia proud, but i'm just delighted to have kia. i think that's communitywide. >> reporter: the holiday lights are starting to go up. but there's a sense here the best gift has already arrived. thanh truong, nbc news, west point, georgia. >>> and tonight we wanted to tell all of our friends about a new and extraordi
" for this sunday. stay tuned for "football night in america" followed by "sunday night football." the steelers take on the ravens. brian williams will be here tonight. from everyone here at nbc news, tonight. from everyone here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac --
the world's needs with america's. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. >>> we first learned word of the president's upcoming trip this morning from nbc's savannah guthrie. tonight she's learned something else. leading up to the president's tuesday night speech to the nation, the long deliberations at the white house over afghanistan and what to do have come to an end. savannah's with us from the white house tonight. savannah, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. nbc news has learned that the president has made the decision on strategy for afghanistan and troop levels. he informed senior staff today. he will make this announcement tuesday night, as you said, 8:00 eastern time in a primetime speech at west point military academy in front of an audience of cadets. now, we still don't know the exact number of additional troops the president will send. it's expected to be in the tens of thousands. military officials expecting a range near 30,000. now, this speech on tuesday night will probably be a long one. at least 30 minutes. the president laying out his strategic vision
rights. >> we do not believe these principles are unique to america, but rather they are universal rights, and that they should be able to all peoples. >> reporter: the leaders did make some progress on climate change. no major breakthroughs on capping greenhouse gases but they did pledge cooperation on clean energy research. on wednesday, the president will meet with the premier of china, and then its onto korea. but one last sightseeing stop, the great wall of china, brian. >> savannah guthrie, as morning gets under way in beijing. savannah, thanks. >>> in iran, state-run television is reporting five more people have been sentenced to death from the chaos, the massive street protests following the elections back in june. the government said the five democracy protesters were members of the terrorists and armed opposition groups. at least three other protesters have already received death sentences for their role. >>> now to a hoss stot story bae in the desert southwest. we're reminded of a yoet often attributed to mark twain. it goes like this. "whiskey is for drinking. water is for fig
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